An annual update of CoAPCR activities are shared here from newsletters and annual meeting minutes.

These Newsletters or meeting minutes are downloadable in pdf format:

June 2017

The Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency (JTF) invites public comment on the Draft Version 2.0 of the Harmonized Core Competency Framework. The decision to update the Framework is indicative of the JTF’s commitment to meeting the needs of clinical researchers globally. More than that, the decision recognizes the diversity of experiences across the clinical research community.  Public comment by June 30, 2017 extended to July 31, 2017.

May 2017

Committee on Accreditation of Academic Programs in Clinical Research (CAAPCR) now has an information page available on the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) website.  Information on CAAPCR including governance and accreditation is available.

Summer 2017

Minutes Annual Meeting

ACRP 2017 Meeting & Expo, Seattle, WA

February 2017

New Standards for Accreditation Advance Professionalization of Clinical Research  (Michael Causey, ACRP Blog, February 7, 2017)

Update on the work of CoAPCR member Stephen Sonstein's work on accredidation for academic programs in clinical research. According to the ACRP blog post: "Clinical research is taking another step toward professionalization with the anticipated approval  of new “Standards and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Academic Programs in Clinical Research” by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), says Stephen A. Sonstein, PhD, professor and director of clinical research administration at Eastern Michigan University." read the full blog post here

December 2016

Survey Highlights Growing CRA Workforce Shortage (Michael Causey, ACRP Blog, December 13, 2016)

"Turnover rates in the clinical trial workforce continue to eclipse the 25% mark despite an average 7% salary spike, according to the 18th annual CRO Industry Global Compensation and Turnover Survey, conducted by HR+Survey Solutions, LLC. “I’m not surprised by these numbers,” says ACRP Workforce Innovation Officer Terri Hinkley, RN, BScN, MBA, CCRC, FACRP." read the full blog post here

November 2016

ACRP to Release First Ever Harmonized Core Competency Framework for Clinical Trial Monitors (ACRP Press Releases, November 28, 2016)

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) today announces plans to release a harmonized Core Competency Framework for Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) in December that for the first time ever will define the core competencies required of clinical trial monitors/CRAs within the eight core competence domains for clinical research professionals, as defined by the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competence (Learn More about the JTF). read the full press release


April 2016

The annual COAPCR meeting will be held in tandem with the annual ACRP Global meeting in Atlanta! The schedule follows:

MEETINGS AT ACRP:  (All located at: Building A, Room A408)

Sunday, April 17th-

  • 1-3 pm-  Council on Accreditation (CoAPCR)
  • 3:30 – 5:30 PM – CoAPCR Annual Meeting (CoAPCR Annual Meeting Agenda_April172016)
  • 6:30 – Dinner for CoAPCR Members- Pitty Pat’s Porch Restaurant- near Convention Center)

Mon, April 18th

  • 8:30 – 10 am-  Joint Task Force Meeting


Presentations by COAPCR members:

Sat, April 16th

  • 9:30 - 10:30 AM  Session 1–8 (Room A305, Level 3, Building A)  (JTF Survey Results)  (Sonstein, Jones and Silva)
  • 2:30 – 4:30 PM  Session 2-3  (Room A305, Level 3, Building A)  (Implementation of JTF Framework)  (Sonstein, Jones, Calvin-Naylor and Hinkley)

Sun, Apr 17th

  • 8:30 –10:30 AM  Session 3-1 (A301, Level 3, Building A).  (ePortfolios for CRCs)  (Jones, Gladson, Pennington, Pacino)



Annual meeting conducted concurrently with ACRP Global Meeting:



Annual Meeting

The CoAPCR annual face-to-face meeting was held in April in conjunction with  ACRP's annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. Minutes, presentations, and publications follow:

COAPCR_2014 Annual MeetingMinutes

Teachingpresentation by CJones

Powerpoint Competencies

Clinical Research Competencies

Bi-monthly Meetings




**NEW** From Frontiers in Pharmacology: Core Competencies for pharmaceutical physicians and drug development scientists “Pharmaceutical Medicine Core Competencies

COAPCR_2013 Annual Meeting Agenda

August 2013 Newsletter


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CoAPCR Annual Meeting Newsletter

Publication: Defining Competencies

ACRES Letter

DIA 2012 Workshop on Core Competencies

-  Sonstein- Slides

-  Silva- Slides

-  Jones- Slides and Handout

22Jun2012 Minutes

Treasurer’s Report 2012



Summer 2011

Minutes Annual Meeting

Agenda 08Sep2011



Summer 2010

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Clinical Trials Administrator article - November 2008 issue

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Treasurer’s Report 2007

Minutes Annual Meeting

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Spring 2005

Consortium represented at NIH Roadmap Workshop



Formation of Consortium with Support from Drug Information Association

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