For Students

If you are a current or prospective student- we welcome you!


CoAPCR aims to provide clinical research professionals a wide range of educational opportunities, especially academic educational opportunities to help you to broaden your professional horizons.  We encourage student involvement with our group.  YOU and the organizations who employ students who have obtained certificates or degrees from our many programs are our key stakeholders.  Ultimately we together aim to improve the clinical research enterprise and to protect the welfare of current and future clinical research participants.  We aim for excellence in clinical research and share a vision to offer educational activities across the following Eight CoAPCR Core Competency Learning domains:

  • Scientific Concepts and Principles of Research Design
  • Medical Product Development
  • Ethical Considerations and Responsible Conduct of Clinical Research
  • Clinical Study Operations and Regulatory Compliance
  • Study and Site Management
  • Data Management and Informatics
  • Communication of Scientific Data
  • Professionalism, Teamwork and Leadership

Our website features a list of multiple programs available to you.  Weblinks to specific CoAPCR member academic programs are provided for your convenience.

All students enrolled in clinical research academic programs are strongly encouraged to learn about and join professional organizations in clinical research.  On our Alliances and Links pages, you will find a wide range of professional organizations and relevant clinical research organizations listed.  Consider joining one or more of these ACRPDIAIACRN, MAGIPRIM&RRAPSSCDM and SoCRA or one of the other organizations listed on that page. Student membership rates are available through those organizations. Many of the organizations include local chapters, which offer excellent opportunities for professional networking. Social networking sites affiliated with professional associations and LinkedIn are also excellent pathways to learn more and connect with other professionals. Many of these organizations offer up-to-date clinical research related news and information through Email news links, such as DIA Daily and ACRPWire. Professional association meetings offer opportunities for student abstract submissions for poster presentations, and if awarded, your travel expenses for those meetings may be covered. Take advantage of your student status and what your professional organizations have to offer you.

There are several free journals that you may not realize are available to you. In addition to journals that come from Professional Association Memberships (like the ACRP Journal- Clinical Researcher), two journals: Journal of First Clinical Research and Applied Clinical Trials are free web-based journals that we recommend you subscribe to as other sources of information and news..

Students are also invited to attend the Annual Meeting of the CoAPCR.  We will be meeting next at the ACRP 2018 Meeting & Expo in Washington, D.C.

We always welcome students.  We are here to serve you!

Student Projects

CoACPR wants to support our students learning in the various programs by providing a opportunity for them to share their research, presentations, and publications.