Membership to CoAPCR

CoAPCR is a non-profit organization composed of members in three categories. The three categories are described below. The CoAPCR also welcomes students to use our website and all available resources to further their clinical research professional goals. CoAPCR is an Institutional Membership organization that seeks Regular Membership from U.S. and international educational institutions offering academic credit in all areas of clinical research. CoAPCR also offers a Supporting Membership option to organizations that are stakeholders of students graduating from clinical research academic programs, and to other organizations that are related to the clinical research enterprise, dedicated to enhancing the quality and safety of the clinical research enterprise through education and training. Lastly CoAPCR welcomes individuals or organizations to join through Sustaining Membership who support and contribute to our purpose.

 Institutional (Regular) Membership in CoAPCR

The fee for the Regular Institutional Membership is $250, due annually. The CoAPCR fiscal year runs from August 1 – July 31.

A single institutional membership enables all members of the organization to participate in CoAPCR activities, access to member portals in the CoAPCR website and features a link to the member’s academic program in clinical research. Each regular member has one vote, therefore the institution designates the voting member.

Individual membership must be renewed annually by completing an updated membership application and submitting that the membership dues to the CoAPCR Treasurer.

Other CoAPCR Membership Categories *

  • Sustaining Membership in CoAPCR

The category of sustaining member is for individuals or organizations who wish to formally join CoAPCR. Sustaining membership enables those members to participate in CoAPCR teleconferences, meetings and committees and access to the website. A link to sustaining member websites will also be enabled. Sustaining members shall not vote. To renew annually, members complete the Sustaining Membership Form. The annual fee for Supporting Membership is $100/year.

  • Supporting Membership in CoAPCR

Non-institutional organizations wishing to support CoAPCR in its mission may become a Supporting Member. Supporting Members have the opportunity to appoint a member to the Committee on Accreditation (CoA) in order to provide organizational stakeholder perspectives to the accreditation process. Ssupporting members shall not vote in CoAPCR. To renew annually, supporting members complete the Supporting Membership Form. The annual fee for Supporting Membership is $1000/year.

Collaboration with Members.

Members enjoy collaboration through the sharing of information related to courses, curriculum, teaching strategies and materials, preceptorship/internship opportunities, in addition to tuition and scholarship opportunities. The CoAPCR website is the forum to display many of the products of these collaborations in research, publication and improved student information.

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